TruSoft ERP

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About TruSoft ERP:

TruSoft ERP is a popular GST accounting software in India. Launched in April 2007, TruSoft has managed to get thousands of businesses on their platform. It has matured over a time and now includes lot of GST compliant features.


TruSoft ERP is easy to use and provides powerful tools to handle sales, marketing and support. It is fully integrated with Easy. We are constantly evaluating new features to make sure you get the most out of it. Now there is no need to spend money on those costly CRM systems.


User-friendly interface

In the business fraternity, not everyone is well acquainted with accounting technicalities or procedures. So, if the software provided is stuffed with every possible feature, then it may become a little more complex for the user to use it.


Even if the software is used by a professional for the business unit, every other member of that unit should know how to use the Therefore it has to be user-friendly and not at all mechanical.


Every user of the business unit should be able to sign in and use it as per their requirement at any point of the day without any procedural technicality.


Our experts do a thorough and unbiased analysis of each product's main functionalities and features, but they also pay attention to other factors we know are important to customers: collaboration features, customization, integration with other apps, customer support and mobility.