TruSoft Non-Banking Management Software
TruSoft Mandi Software For Sabzi Mandi Commission Agents with Supplier / Customer Bills, Rate / Weight Adjustment, Stock Management, Accounts, Crates, Ugrahi Register and much more
Silent Features of Software
  • Supplier’s Rate and Weight adjustment managed effortlessly and simply.
  • Maintain Crates while entering sales, Stock Lot No. Wise / Store Wise, Calculate Commission/ Market Fees, Laga automatically.
  • Track your customers effortlessly, Minimize chances for any kind of loss or bad debts.
  • Increase your profitability.
  • Ultimate and Stunning Bill formats.
  • No Need to learn even the ABC of Accounts or computers.
  • Secretive & Informative reporting.
  • All in one Collection Report covers much more than opening and closing balance.
  • User-Friendly, Powerful & Accurate
  • Partial Payment Calculation/Tracking
  • Easy Payment Postings
  • Charges/Collects Late Fees
  • Charges/Collects Miscellaneous Fees
Benefits of Mandi Software
Features at a glance
TruSoft Mandi Software offers a single solution for commission agents, looking to gain increased operational effectiveness in Vegetable fruits and grain market. Available for deployment on-premise, it requires not more than one installation, greatly simplifying the processes like Financial Accounting, Vikray Parchi, Auction Sales, Lagat, Consignment, Bikri, Nakal, Mudat, Adhat, Mahajani Accounting, Inventory, Sales Tax & VAT Reports, E-Returns, MIS Reports, leading up to full implementation and adoption.You can manage the most complex facets of Mandi trade with this versatile solution.
Easy to use
Make more fast and accurate accounting for AADHAT for Fruit and Vegetable merchant (SABZI MANDI) concern with maintenance of party thoke. Here is a very easy way to prepare your Party Sales Voucher and K.M.T. Register.
Our Non-Banking Software has a powerful and accurate Accounting module that will offer you neat and clean accounting with intelligent features to reduce human-errors. The software will provide you customised graphical reports on several aspects to enhance profitability of your business. The modules under this section are
TruSoft Mandi software is designed keeping the client requirements in mind and thus we have incorporated intelligent reporting feature that will provide you a clear details of your company's current status by detailed graphical report. Important Reports included in the application are:
  • Accounting Detail / Summary Report
  • Payment Coupons or Monthly Statements
  • Payment History
  • Miscellaneous Charges / Fees Report
  • Account Reference Listing

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