TruSoft Dairy Management Software
The Dairy Management software is used to manage the dairy cows the dairy industry, and dairy farming. Dairy Management Software captures production, reproduction, feeding, health, data, manually or automatically, whereafter it records and anaylzes them. Presentation format are computers giving milk producers efficient management tools and great savings in time. The Dairy Management Software allows easy access, to key information on each animal, or the whole dairy herd thereby fostering an increase in efficiency and profitability.
Dairy Management Software provides:
  • Daily milk receipt twice a day 1.Morning 2.evening with slip printing for farmer. Slips can be printed on dotmatrix printer or laserjet printer(A4 20 slips,A5 9 slips , A6 4 slips)
  • Sales of milk to big dairy in towns
  • Sales of cattle feed and other articles to farmers and others on credit & cash
  • Prepare weekly/10 days/random period milk purchase bills from 1 above
  • This milk purchase bills has option to print ledger of other transactions ( cash payment/receipt/ credit sales etc) during the period of bill
  • Purchase of products for sale to farmers( cattle feed and other articles)
  • Profit & loss statement, Balance sheet
  • Cash book , bank book, journal, profit & loss, balance sheet
  • Facility of automatic reading FAT from fat testing machine
  • Facility of automatic reading the weighing scale weight of milk.
  • You can use different fat testing machines ( Milk Analyser ) from available machine list.
Software Benefits
All-In-One: features included in all plans
Easy-to-use: Intuitive diary that works the way you expect
Print Appointments: Print a hard copy of your appointments for the day, week or an all diary ‘group’ view
Create Invoices / Receipts: Create Invoices or receipts for your daily bill.
Your Logo and Details: Invoices / receipts customised with your logo and details

Trusoft Dairy Software