TruSoft Weighing Scale Management Software
TruSoft Weighing Scale software transforms your raw weight information into business intelligence, which allows you to analyse and optimize your operation. TruSoft Weighing Scale software solutions are specifically designed to work with weighing equipment to provide weighing intelligence to your business. Our TruSoft Weighing scale software includes packages for simple reporting to complex real-time production management systems. Our software solutions can be paired with a range of weighing scales and indicators for a complete weighing and data management solution.
TruSoft Weighing Scale software is a weighing and computing system with extensive data extraction, collection and processing functions. This Weighing scale software solution is designed to help you to manage and track the critical information created at the time of weighing and label products in an easy and flexible manner. Weighig Scale software provide facility for Slip/label printing with POS, Thermal Printer can also be customized as per user requirement. Users can put their logo or use pre-printed stationery and can even design their own slip. weighing scale software also has an option for exporting of reports in different formats like Microsoft Excel, Text, CSV. Standard reports include.
Weighing Scale Software provides:
  • Supporting to Label Printing.
  • Supporting to Multi User.
  • Various Type Of Analysis Reports
  • Data Auditing Feature for Edit & Delete Label
  • Individual Reports Access.
  • Facility to Connect/Disconnect With weighing scale.
  • Multi User facelity & he can modify Own Password Only.
  • Manual Weigh Entry is Possible.
  • Supporting Client Server Application.
  • Working with Multu Terminal Scale
  • Support to multi DataBase (SQL SERVER 2005 Express/ MS Access).
  • Provide SAP, Oracle Connectivity.
  • Data Export in Excel, Text, CSV File
  • Data Base Backup/Restore Facility
  • Provide Dropdown Feature For Party, Vehicle, Product, Rate, Payment, Master
Software Benefits
Simplified Ticket Entry
With the ability to predefine pricing, tare weights and other parameters, Weighing Scale virtually eliminates the potential for scale operator error by reducing the number of keystrokes required to create a ticket. Weighing Scale provides the option to store tare weights for each vehicle or allow the vehicle to be weighed in and out at the scale.
Weighing Scale Security Profiles can be used to control input and reporting functions at any level of your organization. You can determine who has access to company data. Our security granularity means that you can block specific security features, such as pricing or access to void tickets.
Surcharge Capabilities
All Weighing Scale applications come with tools to easily configure surcharges, such as fuel or environmental fees, and have them automatically calculated and applied. Weighing Scale can be used to apply surcharges on individual scale tickets or customer invoices.
Audit Trails
To ensure accuracy and reliability of information, tickets can only be voided through special authorization and voids are retained in the system for subsequent review and reporting. End of shift balancing of cash is simplified because all cash tickets are identified and reported by Weighing Scale operator.
Dynamic Credit Checking
The Weighing Scale Ticket Entry program features dynamic credit checking. You can set credit limits and credit warnings on Customer accounts and when tickets are created against a customer, Weighing Scale determines credit availability before the vehicle enters your facility.
Weighing Scale incorporates an extensive set of reporting features; including up-to-the-minute reports, such as the ability to get a snapshot of tickets entered up to that point, in-depth operations and billing reporting, and the ability to create custom reports using Crystal Reports.

Trusoft Weighing Scale