TruSoft Clinical Laboratory
Software for Clinical Labs to generate accurate test reports, Maintain record of patients, Easy to handle, Fast Implementation, Completely customizable with own Tests and formulations.
  • Very Easy
  • Very Fast
  • No need to use MS Word / MS Excel for reporting
  • Self Configurable report designs
  • Very simple software to operate
  • No need to learn
  • No need for any training of computers
Various Features
Keep Total Control over your Business
Security is key feature in laboratory software. Any unauthorized person should not be able to modify the test results and print the report again. Using TruSoft Lab software you can define user rights for different users at different condition.
Developed very professionally using gradient cell technologies
There are many checks we can define lower and upper limits for test results. Any abnormal test results gets highlighted automatically. because TruSoft-Lab software has been developed very professionally using gradient cell technologies (zulita).
Calculate Doctor's Profit Sharing
In TruSoft lab software we can calculate the doctor profit sharing report on Per Test basis as defined in the doctor master or percentage basis.
Logical and financial reports
In daily working there are many logical and financial reports that are not possible if we use ms word or any other third party software.

Trusoft Clinical Laboratory