TruSoft Non-Banking Management Software
Non-Banking software is a simplified form of banking software. It has almost every functionality that of a banking software. After vast research we have developed one of the best NBFC software with wide range of useful features and functionalities.
Silent Features of Software
  • User-Friendly, Powerful & Accurate
  • Partial Payment Calculation/Tracking
  • Easy Payment Postings
  • Charges/Collects Late Fees
  • Charges/Collects Miscellaneous Fees
Benefits of Non - Banking Software
It's one of the most crucial modules of this Non-Banking software that manipulates and manages with all types of loans and keeps you up-to-date with the details like account holder, amount of loan, instalment date, instalment amount, overdue and so forth. The sub-modules of this section are:
  • Hire Purchase
  • Hypothecation
  • Loan
  • Securitization
In the Deposit module you will be able to manage all the FD, RD, MIS as well as Debentures of your customers with its simple and user-friendly User Interface. The Non-Banking Software will keep you updated with all the information required from time to time. The primary sub-modules under this section are:
  • Fixed Deposit (FD)
  • Monthly Instalment Scheme (MIS)
  • Debenture
Our Non-Banking Software has a powerful and accurate Accounting module that will offer you neat and clean accounting with intelligent features to reduce human-errors. The software will provide you customised graphical reports on several aspects to enhance profitability of your business. The modules under this section are:
  • Financial Accounting
  • Payroll
The Non-Banking software is designed keeping the client requirements in mind and thus we have incorporated intelligent reporting feature that will provide you a clear details of your company's current status by detailed graphical report. Important Reports included in the application are:
  • Accounting Detail / Summary Report
  • Payment Coupons or Monthly Statements
  • Payment History
  • Miscellaneous Charges / Fees Report
  • Account Reference Listing

Trusoft Non - Banking